A Holy Experience--An always-challenging, always-uplifting place of rest in the blogosphere. 

Life, Love Laughter and Little Things--A young bride, learning to be a good wife.

Domestic Felicity --This is run by a Jewish friend living in Israel. The glimpses she gives into orthodox Judaism are very interesting!

The Little Pink House --a sweet blog run by the founder of Young Ladies Christian Fellowship, frequently featuring her new little babies. 

Heart and Home--This sometimes heart-wrenching blog is run by a military wife and mother of two who is holding down the home-front while her husband is overseas. 

Life in a Shoe--A comical family blog run by (mainly) the mama of a brood of 12, but with plenty of input from other family members as well. 

The Gentleman Adventurer--My hubby's blog.

A ministry to women who minister, Grace Covers Me has been a huge encouragement to me!

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
Young Ladies Christian Fellowship--a website by young woman, for young women. I've been following this website for over a decade, and it has always had wonderful, uplifting posts.
A wonderful blog for those women who wish to save money as Home Economists.

A sometimes fun, sometimes challenging blog by a woman who is learning to follow Christ unconditionally.

Sweet letters froma  mama to her daughter on the art of homemaking.

My other blog. Fewer posts, and love themed.