Thursday, February 1, 2018

Church Calendar

This year I've been making an intentional effort to embrace the traditional holidays and celebrations. In our church tradition there is not much talk of the Church Calendar, other than the major holidays (Christmas, Easter). But as I learn more I've found so much rich church history to draw from. The Advent season this past year, for example, was such a joyful anticipation this year as we slowly, day-by-day checked off the days until we reached the Messiah's birth and All Joy broke out in glorious light!

I know this is an unseasonal time to write about Christmas on a blog, as proper blogging means writing about it in advance rather than after-the-fact, but I was busy savoring the season. And I want these thoughts to be available for next year.

My inspiration this year started with an advent devotional by Cindy Rollins. Cindy Rollins is a mom of 9 (8 boys!) who schooled her children at home and blogged about it through the process. You can find her blog here. Sadly, the paper copies of her advent book were sold out by the time I was ready to purchase it, but fortunately it was available on Kindle so I still was able to read it! My other inspiration for this year was a cookbook recommended in the back of her book, A Continual Feast. I think I'd like to give each of these books their own book review, so I will leave this here for now.

I'm going to write about several posts about different parts of the season this year, and update this post as a directory:
Hallelujah: A Journey Through Advent with Handles Messiah
A Continual Feast
St Nicolas Day--December 6
St. Lucy's Day--December 13

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