Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Made in the image

One of the qualities of a complete education is to teach children what it is to be made in the image of a creative God. Everything we can see was made by God. The grass the flowers, the trees, storms and sky. All the animals in the world were made by Him. We can see that our God is endlessly creative just from creation itself.

Even if we just looked at Man we can see that it has been thousands of years since creation, and no two men are fully alike. How many millions of people have existed and never two the same? And yet each one of us is made in His image.

When we as people choose to create we are joining in the act of creation with our creative God. Of course, we can't create from dust but we can create from the materials God has given us.

Creation can take many forms. A musician will create a new piece of music, an artist a work of art, a mechanic a new machine, an engineer a new bridge, a barista an artistic cup of coffee. The possibilities are truly endless--there are as many creative possibilities as individuals. Emily Freeman explores this idea in depth in her book, Million Little Ways.

One of the foundational goals of any education program should be to train the students in creativity. They should learn to to express the art that God has put inside them, no matter what form that art takes. Teaching creativity would involve a wide exposure to many disciplines of study, along with a great deal of practice.

If our children are made in the image of a creative God, they should learn to create.

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