Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Day in the Life Of:

4:11ish--Baby starts fussing. Morning feed. She goes back to sleep. So do I.

Some-random-morning-hour-after-that-but-before-7--Baby starts wiggling in the bassanet beside the bed. I'm not really conscious. I try patting her back. She relaxes as long as I'm patting her back, wakes up as soon as I stop. End up nursing her again.

7:00 Hubby is up. I wake up. Want to be in bed. Decide I should be up. Get on FaceBook for awhile as my protest to being awake ("I may be up, but I'm not going to do anything useful!")

7:30--I decide to do A Day in the Life Of. Maybe that will motivate me to make it a good one.

7:53--said goodbye to hubby. Ignored the munchkin banging on the bedroom door for about 10 minutes while I picked out 5-6 recipes to freezer cook from a shopping trip to costco. Fed the dog and put him out. So not ready for today to begin.

8:20--got the tot up, went in singing to hide the fact that I'd rather be in bed. I think she thought I was playing when I pretended to fall asleep on the floor. BUT singing got us both in a cheerful mood. We cleaned the kitchen while I was warming up leftover oatmeal. Tot put silverware away. "Good job! You can do it--wait, no! You put the silverware away in the drawer--don't take what's already in the drawer out! Okay. Good--that's right! There you go!" First tantrum of the day--"I want to listen to music on the TB!"

8:55--ate breakfast (sort of. Legos were more interesting. We didn't really eat breakfast,  I just made the tot sit at the table for 5 minutes and eat a few bites before going to play). Sorted 2 loads of laundry, but didn't put them away since the baby is still sleeping in my bedroom.(at this hour sleep is questionable, but at least she's entertaining herself quietly and I'm hoping she might still be asleep). I even swept the floor in the playroom--with the help of the toddler. Third tantrum of the day was her thinking I WOULDN'T let her help with sweeping.

Umm--toddler just packed her bags and is standing by the door. (literally. Bottle sticking out of tiny purse hanging from one arm, baby doll in the other, hand grasping half a recorder--the non-noisy part, thankfully) Maybe time for the costco run?

9:44--Got the baby up (she had soaked through her pajamas and her sheet. Changed the diaper. Threw the sheets in the washing machine). Tirza discovered window blind strings while I was nursing. Changed everyone's clothes--or at least made sure everyone was wearing them. I informed Tirza that "ladies don't go out in public with no pants on! You have to wear something over your diaper." Tirza was delighted at the prospect of going shopping, many exclamations of "We're going shopping!!"

I feel gross and want to take a shower, but I'm freezer cooking with a toddler using tomato sauce today. No way there's time for two showers, and I'll definitely need one later. Will deal with it till this evening.

9:55--finished the last 10 minutes of Pimsleur German lesson 10 while driving.

10:09--Did a co-op pick up, or attempted to. Apparently forgot to communicate that I was picking up, so wasn't able to get it. Oh, well. On to Costco.

11:05 Wore the baby into costco, let Tirza be in charge of showing off the costco card to the checker while we went in. Tantrum #9 today was because Tirza wanted to do more shopping. Maybe I should be worried about a 2 year old that likes shopping so much?

11:45--My suspicions on the tantrums were correct. Tirza ate nearly 2 1/2 hot dogs and a banana when we got home. Skipping breakfast in favor of legos didn't agree with her mood at all. Baby fell asleep in the swing. Won't try to keep her up till we all can nap as I usually do--I have energy and need to get the freezer cooking done.

12:30--well, that was a short nap.Elizabeth's eating now. In the last 45 minutes I got (almost) 6 meals prepped. Tirza was genuinely helpful with putting the food in bags. Eventually she got tired of that and started playing with toys in the playroom. Without being told she cleaned up her last box of toys before requesting a new one. Mommy win!

12:43 Still nursing. Doorbell rang for a delivery--it was an amazon box. Find it interesting that the pandora station went from bouncy silly kids songs to lullabies. I'm starting to question my decision to not try for naps happening at the same time today. *yawn*

1:33--Went back to cooking. Scolded Tirza for getting into the "medicine" keeper (just vitamins, nothing harmful for kiddoes, but still). I saw she had stolen a fish oil softgel, and let natural consequences take place. She now smells like fish oil, but maybe now she'll believe that pills are nasty and not candy? She definitely wasn't expecting THAT flavor when she bit down! Baby has started shrieking--not just crying--in the last few days if I don't get to her quickly enough.  Tirza started crying too and announcing that "Baby needs milk! Baby needs milk! Diaper change?" I nursed her again, and put her down to bed. Hopefully she will sleep while I finish up the meals.

1:51--Told Tirza it was naptime. Another meltdown. Which tells me I was right.

1:59 All babies are in bed. Shouuld be asleep soon?

2:12 Babies all sleeping. Watered the dog. I've done a quick tidy of the kitchen--not perfect, but decent considering the 9 freezer meals I've done in the last 2ish hours. Time for a nap.

2:43--heard the baby waking up, so got up and ate a banana and computer-ed for a few minutes. Fed her again. Now reading a chapter of Wrestling Prayer while she is eating

4:33--Got up a few minutes ago to another snack (raisin bran). Hubby got home from work early, we sat on the couch and talked for awhile before the kiddoes woke up.

5:25 both of the kids are up, dinner is in the oven.

5:40 Tirza spent the last 15 minutes suggesting--and attempting to get for herself--different snacks. She has been given a snack of her leftover lunch--dinner was just not going to be ready soon enough. So many hungry melt-downs! We then opened the Amazon box from earlier.

6:10 Talked to a friend on the phone about some church stuff while getting dinner on the table. Just took away a butcher knife from my daughter which she had managed to get from the silverware drawer. I think she wanted it to open a box? Yay for me.

6:48--finished dinner, and I retired to the bedroom to play with Baby since she was full of the giggles. Suddenly found myself mobbed by Robin, Joker, and Superman. Proceeded to play with all of them and Tirza.

7:06--went outside to check the mail. I got two packages and a wedding shower invitation. I'm exccited about my water kifer grains coming in the mail! Elizabeth watched from the swing while I opened the packages. Tirza then grabbed the scissors and attempted to open a few packages herself. Watched daddy from the front window while he mowed the yard.

8:03---Big kid in bed after normal bedtime routine involving Richard singing both mountain songs (Misty mountain from Hobbit, Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). I then sang an assortment of songs. Played Peekaboo. Prayed with her, and then sang The Baby Monkey Song (from Tarzan). She hasn't wound down at all.

8:28 Both babies are down. Elizabeth went down no problem. She was worn out. T was still crying so I gave her a bottle of water and round 2 of Baby Monkey Song and now she's quiet. Time for that shower. And then a movie with hubby.

9:00 Woke Elizabeth up taking my shower, so she's finishing the second half of Prince of Persia with us.

9:40--finished the movie, headed to bed.

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