Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pregnancy update--38 weeks

It's hard to believe that this pregnancy has passed almost un-noticed on Ruby in the Rough. On Sunday I'll be 38-39 weeks pregnant (depending on which due-date I go by, we generally stick with the farther out one). In some ways this pregnancy has flown by. It doesn't seem possible I could be at the point now that my little girl could be here any day.

In other ways I feel like I've been pregnant forever. The other day my husband bent over to kiss Tirza, and the first thought that entered my head was, "how in the world was he able to BEND like that?? that must have HURT!" And then I realized that he wasn't pregnant. I watched an action movie recently, and the entire time I was grimacing as I watched the characters run, jump, and climb walls. Movements that would be painful or impossible for me, the characters were doing just for fun!! I've been pregnant long enough that it's hard to remember what it was like to have full mobility.

It has been a good pregnancy, but different than my previous two. Different enough that before the sonogram we were certain it was a boy. Apparently there is a lot of variety in each pregnancy, regardless of whether I'm pregnant with a boy or a girl.

Here are a few differences:

  • Tirza's pregnancy I had a serious food aversion to ground beef. I could eat beef, just not ground. Even the smell or thought of ground beef turned my stomach. My poor hubby had to get hamburgers on the sly when I wasn't around.  This pregnancy? No aversions (thank God!), but I have had a few random cravings, especially in the second trimester. The most memorable one was for the Rhoades Family Broccoli/Rice/Cheese casserole--properly made with instant rice and highly processed cheese product (which meant an emergency run for my husband to the store to obtain ingredients I never use). 
  • I had awful heartburn with Tirza pretty much from the start of the second trimester on. Thankfully, this pregnancy it has been minimal. 
  • On the flip side, last pregnancy I had very little pelvic girdle pain--and what little there was concentrated at the very end. This pregnancy PGP has been a constant companion since 20 weeks. There are things I am able to do to keep the pain manageable, but it is always present. 
  • I don't remember huge energy slumps last pregnancy. I know I slept more, but I was also fully able to keep up with two jobs through most of the pregnancy. This round my energy levels have been noticeably lower throughout.
  • I gained a lot of weight with the last pregnancy, this round I'm staying pretty close to on track with the "recommended" amount. I'm not sure what I've done differently, since both pregnancies I was fairly conscious of eating well--without stressing the small things. I think last time I simply ate more than I needed to, because I thought I was supposed to "eat for two." When one of those two is the size of a pea, grape, or banana, the "eat for two" mantra is somewhat misleading. 

I go back and forth between excitement at meeting my new little one in just a few days time, to wanting to stretch these last days out as long as possible. Sure, pregnancy isn't always a comfortable thing. I'm sore, slow and tired. But I sleep more than I will with a newborn, and this season of pregnancy has been a season of joy. I want to savor each moment I have left to focus on just Tirza. Even though my love for her will only grow, my attention will be divided when her sister arrives. I don't want to rush these last few moments with her as an only child.

That said, I'm also eager for my second daughter to be born. I want to meet her, learn her personality, start savoring the moments I can spend with HER. And Tirza is at an age that she will get a lot of enjoyment out of a sibling. I am genuinely excited about their meeting. And, although the newborn stage is intimidating and exhausting, I also remember how much joy there was in those first days with Tirza. I know there will be multiplied happiness as I get to experience those same moments a second time, in addition to the joy my first daughter already brings. Watching them interact will be a gift to remember.

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