Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear newlywed

I was recently asked to write a blessing for a newlywed. As I started writing, I realized what was going down on paper was the same prayer I've prayed for every newlywed wife since I was married. I am sure it is the same prayer that was prayed for me. I'm saving it here.

Dear Newlywed,

my prayer for you is that you will become a wonderful wife and mother. I pray that you will learn to love your husband in a way you can't even imagine now (you probably think I'm silly for saying it's possible to love your hubby even more than you already do. That's okay. I thought the old married people were silly for saying it also). Love done right only grows with time. Your heart gets bigger.

I pray that the often difficult lessons of honoring and respecting your husband would come easy to you. Sometimes it's okay to just let something go, to choose to honor your husband instead of choosing to be right. I can't tell you why or how this works, but I can tell you it does. Remember that the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit is valuable in the sight of God.

I pray your marriage will be fruitful, and that your little ones will be the light of your eyes and joy of your heart. I pray that even when you are exhausted in a way you truly can't imagine now, you will understand the joy that parents can't put into words. How looking into one tiny face, seeing one tiny smile just for you, and suddenly it's all worth it--in a way you can't describe to anyone else. I pray that the joys of motherhood would be fully, wholly, completely yours.

I pray that you and your entire family would become masters of forgiveness--of each other, and of yourselves. Families fall apart over bitter, harsh words. They thrive on forgiveness. Remember to forgive yourself also--for not being perfect, for not being the wife or mother that you thought you would be. If you don't forgive yourself, you'll take it out on your family. That doesn't work (been there, done that). When you are frustrated or upset with any member of your family (even yourself), take it to God. He knows all about it, and it just waiting for you to come to him with it.

I pray that you remember every single day that you are the one that sets the tone in your home. If you are happy and cheerful, you will have a pleasant an inviting home. If you are sad, exhausted, and overwhelmed you can be sure that your family will seem stressed as well. Your husband may be the head of your home, but you, dear wife, are its heart. That is more power than you know.

I pray that you'll remember Who loves you with an everlasting, unending, phenomenally beautiful love. I pray that you will strive every day to throw yourself onto His loving-kindness, and remember that his mercies are new every day.

I pray that your marriage would be a beautiful and that will bless the world.

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