Friday, August 2, 2013

14 months and counting

Dear Tirza,

You are 14 months old now, and growing up so fast! It really is hard for me to believe how far you've come, and yet also hard for me to remember what life was like just a few months ago. You've been crawling for awhile. You can stand, but not walk (unless you are holding my hand). You took a first step the other day, but when you realized what you'd done you sat down right away.

We dance a lot. I turn on big band or Celtic music, and we dance jigs all around the house. You stand up and bounce tentatively up and down then clap your hands. You sometimes turn circles on your hands and knees since you can't stand and twirl like mommy yet. When we visit your grandparents or great grandparents, you'll turn on some of their musical toys and dance there. The more people watching the better.

As I sit here on the floor you are crawling in circles around me. You stop every so often and grin at me, and I give you a bite of my breakfast. I've given you more than a bite, really. You've eaten it all. Two eggs, two tiny purple potatoes, and a couple onion slices in a scramble. Then two coconut flour pancakes with strawberry jam. I did manage a few bites, but you ate most of it. Your appetite constantly amazes your aunts and uncles--Arthur and Christiana in particular are impressed (and fairly convinced that eating is the ONLY thing you do).

One of your latest discoveries is Inside and Outside. You are fascinated by taking smaller objects and placing them inside larger objects. One of your favorite toys is a glass vase that you carry around with you. Any small objects like coins, bobby pins, pens and/or pencils get placed in the vase. Then you ask me to empty it, so you can fill it again. You are equally interested in pulling things out of drawers. If we leave the Tshirt drawer open, the clothes will be pulled out. If I'm not watching, the diaper drawer is emptied. I like to see how much you are learning.

Sometimes you help me around the house. Last week you tried to help me unpack groceries. You decided that it would be less work if we skipped the unpacking, putting away in the fridge, taking out of the fridge, and preparing steps, and instead go straight to the eating. I got the blackberries for you so I didn't mind you eating them, but unfortunately I still haven't figured how to get the stains out of the carpet. Oh, well. The picture is adorable. And you really did mean well.

Another late development is that you like us to read books to you. You thought of that on your own, because I never was good at reading to you when you were younger. You will come to your daddy or I with a book in your hand, and ask us to read by actually opening our fingers and wrapping them around the book. I see you crawling over here with a copy of Hermie the Wormie (or something like that) and a copy of Zack's Alligator. Looks like it is time to  wrap this up.

I love you, dear.

Your mommy

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