Monday, February 18, 2013

A Fresh Start

Continuing to count to 1000 gifts with Ann over at A Holy Experience.

463. A new dress finished
464. Tirza's first tooth
465. Making Tirza laugh while she nurses
466. Snuggling with my hubby
467. Tirza discovering windows
468. Tirza's first haircut
469. Monkey foot PJs
470. dimpled tiny hands
471. A sparkling clean house
472. delicious grassfed beef
473. A beautiful spring day
474 Cleansing rain
476. Sunshine
477. Daughter asking to be held
478. Madelyn, my helper
479. A friends faith in the midst of suffering
480. Beautiful baby Luke
481. Cheese on bread
482. a new recipe done perfectly
483. Girls laughing over dye and perfume

484. Beautifully colored handmade soaps
485. The beautiful trust a woman of faith showed when the Lord took her infant son home
486. Butter on bread
487. A delicious steak shared with my man
488. A yummy meal with my hubby for our 4th anniversary
489. A gallon of farm fresh milk
490. A Sunday afternoon nap
491. Luke's footprint on Psalm 139--baby with Jesus
492. Visiting with family for Chinese New Year
493. An aunts amazing talent in the kitchen
494. A beautiful camera strap
495. Faith in death
496. Clean hair

497. A tidy home
498. Sharing an audio book
499. Gliding on the ice alone
500.  Delight shared after gift given
501. My baby asleep
502. A movie shared
503. A quart of homemade elderberry juice
504. Spending valentines with my man
505. An old romantic comedy
506. Red roses
507. Over a gallon of homemade salsa
508. A fresh start

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