Monday, January 21, 2013

Seven months and change

Dear Tirza,

You are nearly 8 months old now, and it is hard for me to believe how fast you are growing. Your seventh month has been a month of huge changes. You've learned so many new things, and grown and developed in so many ways!

A month ago you had your very first fever. It was Christmas Eve, and when we got you home from your grandparents you were burning up. Your daddy and I were pretty worried, but all you wanted was for us to cuddle you. So we did. The very next day I noticed you were sitting up on your own.

Three weeks ago today you took took your first wobbly crawl. For two months you had been practicing all the different parts of a crawl individually, but it wasn't until New Years Eve that you figured out how to string all the parts into a whole. You were slow and awkward--but when you crawled that first yard you were so proud of yourself that you did it a second time!

Just last week you pulled yourself up for the first time. You were holding my hands. I couldn't tell if I'd helped you or not, so I put your hands on a dresser drawer and sat by your side cheering on. It took you a minute to figure it out, but you soon stood on your own two feet without any help!!

Now that you can get around on your own your world has completely changed. If you don't like a room, you go to another room. If you hear voices in the rest of the house, you will go see where they are and what their owners are doing. If there is something interesting just out of reach, you simply go get it. You love to follow me around the house, especially if I'm in the kitchen. There are so many interesting things in the kitchen!!

One thing you HAVEN'T figured out yet is how to get down once you've stood up. This is unfortunate, because you are scared of falling.  Last night you pulled yourself up in your crib for the first time. You stood quiet for a few minutes just looking around, but then you started crying. Your legs were tired and you were so afraid you would fall down and hurt yourself!!

You have also discovered what it is to be frustrated. You didn't have many reasons to get frustrated before you were able to move around, but now there are so many things that keep you from achieving your goals!! You try to crawl under the table, and the table legs get in your way. You try to pull yourself up on mama's bed and your legs are too tired and won't cooperate. You find mama's veggie basket, bend over the top, and your arms aren't quite long enough to reach the apples and potatoes. It can all be very frustrating, but only because you are such an inquisitive little girl.

Your newfound mobility has given me a new favorite thing. When you are tired, or sad, or just want more mommy time, you will come crawling from across the room to me. Sometimes I'll scoop you up, but most of the time I'll just sit on the floor and let you come to me. When you reach me you pull yourself up into my lap and hold me close. You are a snuggle-bug, and a sweetheart. There is nothing I love better than snuggling with my sweet baby.

I love you, little girl.

Your mama.

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