Tuesday, December 18, 2012

23 things I love about you

Today is my husband's birthday, and in honor of his special day here are 23 things I love about him (in no particular order).

I love: 

1.Your sense of humor--our home is a home of laughter and joy
2. Your strength
3. Your sense of responsibility--you are a father, a husband, a man, a Christian, and you live these parts every day, not secretly wishing for a "day off"
4. That you live love daily in hundreds of ways.
5.  that I've never seen you angry, not when we were friends, engaged, or now after more than two years of marriage.

6. Your wide variety of interests--seriously. I've never met ANYONE with as many interests as you! Life will never, ever be boring around here.
7. how romantic you are. You often surprise me with something sweet and unexpected.
8. Your balance--for a man with so many interests, hobbies and passions you do a remarkable job of keeping your priorities in order (God, family, other stuff)
9. Your steaks. Yum!
10. Your wisdom--I know when I ask counsel you will have valuable input

11. Your height. I love me my tall man.
12. Your passion for the Lord
13. That even after marriage you're involved with your family and seamlessly a part of mine. Extended family still has a place in our hearts.
14. The amazing letters you write me.
15. That you are an awesome daddy. You are so in love with your little girl, and it warms my heart to see you interact together.

16. Your ability as a provider. I know as long as you are physically able to put food on the table you will be our breadwinner.
 17. Your ability to put things in perspective when I DON'T have ANY perspective. Nuff said.
18. That you are a dreamer, and you never dream halfway.
19. that wherever you are you are ALL THERE.

20. That you are a writer. The bookworm in me fell in love with the writer in you many years ago.
21. our weekly dates to the range
22. that you practice what you preach.
23. That your highest priority is our immediate family. Even though you have so many interests and demands on your time, you protect your time with your wife and daughter.

**Picture credit: Lexi Quinn

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