Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LillaRose Web party!

Lately I've been seeing some really cute hair accessories at church and while I'm shopping. I've wanted to try them out for awhile, because they look both useful AND gorgeous. Back in the spring I found out that Natalie, a friend of mine, sells these lovely hair accessories and we planned to throw a party together so I could try them out. I didn't move quite quickly enough, and ended up having my baby before I had the party. Oh, well. 

BUT this is a good thing for everyone! Turns out that LillaRose is doing a promotion and if you place an order of $20 or more through a party this month you can get free shipping! That's right--shipping is totally free if you order through a party! I asked Natalie how often this deal comes around, and she said the last time she'd seen free shipping offered was January--so we probably won't be seeing this deal again for awhile!

As a girl who keeps her eyes out for a deal, I was thrilled when Natalie told me that not only could this promotion be used in a home party (which I plan to throw in a few days) but there is such a thing as a web-party. Yes, indeed. A web party. And the free Shipping promotion works with web-parties also!

What's so cool about a "Web Party?" I'm glad you asked. You can browse through the website at your leisure without sacrificing your time. You can view Styling videos and sizing charts and see the complete line of Lilla Rose Hair Accessories; Jewelry, Badge Holders, Hair Pins, Hair Sticks and the most comfortable, durable and beautiful Hair Clips ever!

All orders can be placed on my Party Website below. Your order will be shipped directly to the address you provided at the time of purchase. Shipping is free on orders of $20 or more. 

PARTY DATES: BEGIN - August 20, 2012 and END - Aug 30, 2012

This is a great opportunity to try a Lilla Rose.

I hope you can join me for my very first web party! 

(Oh, and do make sure you order through the party link--you won't get free shipping otherwise) 

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