Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things

Here are a few things that have been going on in my Mommy Nest the last little while:

1. Baby Girl
 Tirza is almost 3 months. How can that be?? It seems like she's been here forever, but at the same time it's hard to believe it's been three months. We officially started using cloth diapers last month, which has gone well. I've had to work on cradle cap a couple times, which has been funny (see picture). I think we've seen the last of it now, but we'll see.  She's lying here beside me on the bed as I type, absolutely fascinated by the sounds and colors and shapes of the world. She's getting to be such a "big" girl!
Her hair has always been crazy, but it's even crazier when
I'm using coconut oil to work on cradlecap!
2. Exercise
 I've started officially exercising again. At first I was climbing up and down my apartment stairs or going on long walks with Tirza. When I  made it to 2 mile walks I switched and now am exercising to a workout program on my computer. It whips me every single time, and I'm doing the easiest possible level! It is good to "finally" be able to handle "real" exercise, though. It seemed to take forever postpartum for my body to be ready for a challenge.

3. Diet
 I started a Whole30 at the beginning of August. Essentially the Whole30 eliminates dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, sweeteners, and all processed foods for 30 days. Instead it focuses on healthy amounts of veggies, protein, fruit and good fats (think avacado and coconut oil). At the end of the 30 days the eliminated food groups are re-introduced one at a time (or not. It's up to you).

I'm on day 23 today. Yes, it's been 23 days since I've had any form of sugar other than fruit. Yes, it has been hard, and I've had quite a few food fantasies (visions of cream topped waffles, granola in milk, hamburgers with a bun, and pizza have danced through my head). But I've stuck with it, and am seeing the results!


4. Weight Loss
 As a result of 2 and 3, I've started loosing the baby weight, finally! In the last three weeks (since the 1st of the month) I've taken off 8 lbs. I have 19 left to go before I'm at my goal. My target weight is a little more than my "pre-pregnancy" weight, but I think this is reasonable as I've always leaned to the "too-low" end of the spectrum. Also,  I'm nursing, which means I'll naturally need just a little more weight. In a couple non-scale victories, a skirt I bought a month ago is now too big. Also, the pair of maternity pants I've practically lived in for the last 6 months (and which were starting to get VERY snug), are now fitting quite loosely. Hurray!
My "Pounds lost/pounds to go" jars. Each 1/2 lb gets a pink or clear stone,
every 5 lbs gets a red one. As I loose weight I move the stones from
one jar to the other. As you can see, I'm about half-way. I always thought
these were cute, now I have a reason to use it! :-P  
5. Home-making
 I've been doing "spring" cleaning in August. The house is far from perfect, but I'm quite pleased with the progress. I walk through the house and see different "battlegrounds" where I've had "victory" over the clutter dragon. It's very satisfying, although I have plenty of work left to do.
You should have seen "before." (I forgot to take a picture)
Hubby added shelves for me, and now it looks awesome!
6. Nursery
 I'm getting the nursery together. What, you ask? Didn't I just say my baby is nearly 3 months old? Well, yes. She is. But I decided not to focus on the nursery pre-birth, because I figured we had enough baby things we needed, and she'd be in with us anyway. But now it's time. She's outgrowing her bassinet, and it's time for the crib. I've had a TON of fun planning the nursery. I originally wanted to do gender neutral  so I could use it for all my children, but I just couldn't resist all the wonderful girl things. So it's going to be an over-the-top curly-girly nursery. But that's okay. When I have sons, they will have a knight nursery, and it will be just as awesome.

7. Fun stuff (Pintrest!)
 I discovered Pintrest. And have been generally inspired in every area of creativity, but especially around the home. It's been great. Creativity is oozing out of my pores, and I evaluate nearly everything with the thought: "I bet I could make something neat with that!!" I'm planning a several around the house projects, you will be seeing how-to posts as my projects are accomplished.

8. Just us girlies
 Hubby went on his first out-of-town(state) business trip last week. It was just overnight, but we missed him!! He brought back a cute monkey for Tirza--her very first stuffed animal (or doll). We weren't sure if she would appreciate it or not, but as soon as she saw it she struck up an animated (grinning) conversation. Too cute!

9. Back to the "grindstone"
 The baby-moon has been amazing, but real-life is starting up again. Keepers is starting. Church ministries are starting. School is starting. I'm planning a couple different parties, and already thinking about Christmas. It feels like a lot (it IS a lot) but I'm feeling ready for it. We won't ever go at the breakneck pace we had pre-baby (she's got her own schedule, and bedtimes, and to a certain extent that keeps mommy and daddy's pace reasonable), but I'm finally feeling ready to tackle "life" again.

10. Weather
The weather. It's been AMAZING!  We've had a cool-spell in Texas in August. And when I say cool-spell I don't mean that tongue-in-cheek way that Texan's often do. You know, "Yeah, we've been having a cool spell. Only 110 degrees outside--I'm gonna need to bring a jacket!" No, I don't mean that. I mean, Tuesday it didn't break 80. EIGHTY.  In Texas in August! I hope someone had an outdoor wedding that day. It would be a shame to waste such perfect weather. `

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  1. How exciting! Three months postpartum was definitely when things started picking up for me as well, but I have to say I'm impressed with how /much/ you are doing! :) Good luck with all of your projects.