Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freezer Burritos, day 2

Todays's freezer cooking session was fairly impromptu. I hadn't been shopping, but had the energy to do some work in the kitchen. So I made what I was able to make with what I already had on hand. It was a fun experiment, and I think it went pretty well!

Because I was hungry, I started with a meal for me. I had a can of wild salmon I'd purchased last week and never used, and fish sounded tasty. While I'd never heard of a salmon burrito, I thought surely there was a recipe out there for one! I found a few different recipes, cobbled them together according to what I had, and ended up with this. It has salmon, black beans, rice, monterrey jack cheese chunks, onions, lime (lots of lime!), garlic and bell peppers. I think I also added a little chili pepper and salt to taste. I ate one and froze the remaining 7.  

After fixing my burritos, I made another 10 for Richard out of the things I had on hand. I forgot to take a picture of those. They had chili beans, cheese, taco meat (leftover from my last freezer cooking day), rice, bell peppers, onions, salsa, and corn. Maybe other things too--I forget! I love burritos because I can make them out of almost anything, which means my hubby can have a lot of variety while still sticking with a convenient brown-bag form (the wrapped tortilla). 

This picture made me laugh when I saw it. My belly gets into EVERYTHING these days--even this picture, apparently! 
For dinner I fixed a batch of beans and rice, based (very loosely) on this one from AllRecipes. With all the additions I made we came out with a pretty big pot of it. I asked Richard if he thought it would be good stuffing for a burrito, and he said it would. So after dinner I measured some of the leftover beans into a bowl, and added extra hot salsa, and a chopped up a spicy Nolan Ryan hotdog for a protein/flavor boost (it was the last one left, and usually Richard needs two hotdogs for a lunch). I only had three tortillas left, so I filled those up and set aside the rest of the mixture in a Ziploc bag for a future burrito stuffing day. There was just enough beans and rice left to make one more bag for either a dinner or more stuffing. 

While I was making the first batch of burritos I ran out of rice. I remembered reading on MoneySavingMom that she often froze her rice, so instead of making another small batch I made up nearly all the rice we had (it wasn't a lot). After using it for the burritos and dinner, I had about 4 cups left. I put them in freezer bags, and we'll see how well freezing rice works for me. I prefer not to use instant rice, so the idea of having normal rice in the freezer ready-to-eat intrigues me. I'd use rice a LOT more often if it didn't take so long to cook up. 

Here is a picture of the burritos I made today. Richard has 13, and I have 7 (they are divided in the middle because his are WAY spicier than I care for. If I accidentally grabbed one of his I probably wouldn't be able to eat it!). If you aren't sure how to make a freezer burrito, I give instructions here on how to wrap them.

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