Friday, May 11, 2012

French toast and pineapple (day 6)

Yesterday's freezer cooking project almost didn't happen. In fact, the only reason it DID happen is because I had a smallish dinner, so when bed time rolled around I was hungry. French toast seemed like a quick option--but why make enough french toast for one meal when, with just a little more work, I could make extras to freeze?

So, I made 10 pieces of french toast--two for that evening, plus two meals.

While the french toast was cooking I chopped up a pineapple that I've been needing to do something with for a few days. I'd originally intended the pineapple to be frozen for smoothies, but with my great success with freezing oranges and grapes as snacks, I decided to cut the pineapple a little smaller. After letting it freeze I tasted one, and it was pretty good! I think we'll keep this pineapple as snack food.

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