Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freezer cooking update

I posted earlier this month that one of my goals for May was to have a good store of Freezer meals for post baby. We won't be needing to use them right away. The first week after Baby comes our church will provide meals for us, or at least dinners. The next few weeks four of my husband's sisters will rotate staying with us, and they will make the meals. Baby will probably be about 4 weeks old before I'm required to actually get back to shopping and cooking on my own. (Blessing on blessing!)

That said, I want to ease back into full swing as gently as possible. One way I can lighten the burden is by providing freezer meals for that transition time. My goal was to have about a month worth of food prepared, including breakfast and dinner for the whole family, and pre-made brown-bag-lunches for my man.

I was pretty faithful in posting about my progress earlier this month. I posted about breakfast pizza, french toast and Freezer Burritos. I pulled together 18 meals worth of Tilapia thanks to Zaycon. My biggest cooking day was when I got 30lbs of chicken breast, and with the help of my doula, Vanessa, packaged it up into pre-made freezer meals.

My favorite recipe of the month was Calzones. I can't believe that I never made them before--they are so much fun to make, GREAT for brown bag lunches, and can be stuffed with pretty much anything you have in your fridge/pantry (so long as they have cheese)! Basically, they are the Italian equivalent of burritos--and I prefer calzones over burritos. So that works out great!

I haven't posted as much the last couple weeks about the progress, but I have still been working on it little by little. The posts wouldn't have been interesting anyway, because most of the cooking days were simply making more (in different versions) of recipes I'd already made. I made at least two batches of breakfast pizza, and 3-4 batches of calzones (including one "breakfast calzone" experiment). I definitely went crazy on the calzones!

All in all, I'd say this month was a smashing success in the freezer cooking department. I'm not sure what the final count of meals is, but I think I overshot my goal. My mom, MIL, and a friend each have been given bags containing one full week of food to store in their extra freezers. If I can make up a few more breakfasts/lunches I will probably give my mom another bag, as I have nearly enough food to make another. That's the full month of food, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Even after that I'll have more dinners, thanks to the many pounds of fish and chicken I got earlier this month. Those are helping me make it through the last couple weeks of pregnancy more comfortably. IT really is nice to have my choice of dinner available with minimal preparation required.

So there's the update on May! Thanks for following along with me! It's really great to know that once this baby comes I won't have to worry about meals for awhile! :-)

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