Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freezer cooking in May

This month one of the things I'm focusing on is getting a store of freezer cooked meals for use after Baby arrives. With my estimated due date just a little over a month away, we're getting pretty close!

 Ideally, I want to have a full month in the freezer, if not more. I would like to have at least 20 breakfasts, 20 lunches for Richard, and 30 dinners. As we will probably eat out a few times (whether ordering food, or with family), the church will provide one week, and family members will be over to fix a number of meals also, I believe this number of freezer cooked meals will keep us for about 6 weeks (maybe a bit longer) following delivery.

I'm planning on the bulk of the cooking to be done along with my normal cooking routine. Instead of making one dinner, I'll triple the batch and well eat one and freeze two. I've found this to be the most successful method of freezer cooking for our family, as it doesn't leave me exhausted afterwards.

I WILL be doing at least one "real" freezer cooking day this month. Mid May Zaycon is doing a chicken event in Texas. We have really enjoyed the Zaycon chicken in the past, and I've been planning on stocking up if they had an event before the baby. I'm planning on getting a full 40 lb case, which should just about take care of all the dinners I want to have ready (even allowing that some of the dinners will be shared). As I also ordered half a case of Tilapia (to come in next week) we should be set on dinners for awhile.

Later today I'll be sharing what I fixed in my first freezer cooking session.

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