Friday, May 4, 2012

Breakfast Pizza (day 4)

The last week or so I've been looking for higher protein breakfast freezer meals--and there aren't too many options out there that meet those specifications! When I say "high protein" I don't mean that it needs to have 50 grams or be the equivalent of eating a 16 oz steak. I just mean breakfast for my family needs to have a bit more "umph" than waffles, cinnamon rolls or pancakes. Sure, we enjoy those high-carb/low-protein breakfasts on occasion, but afterwards we either end up with a sugar crash (if we laden the meal with the sugary stuff that usually comes with it), or looking for something more substantial 2 hours later. A "normal" breakfast needs to have a bit more staying power.

One idea I found in a few places is "breakfast pizzas." There were quite a few different takes on how to make a breakfast pizza, so I just made what sounded good to me. Here's how it came out:

First I halved one package (six) English muffins, and soaked them in eight beaten eggs. Think "french toast" here. I added just a bit of salt to the egg, and enough Tabasco to add flavor but not heat. While the English muffins were soaking I chopped up some slices of ham and cheddar cheese (using shredded cheese would be easier, but I had a block of cheese and it worked). I also soaked my freeze dried onions and mushrooms to add as toppings (I  have a pretty good store of freeze dried veggies in my pantry, and they often come in handy!).

 Once the prep work was done the English muffins had soaked long enough so I put six on a pan lined with aluminum foil. I tried to spoon a bit more egg over the muffins, like I did with my french toast yesterday, but discovered they don't hold the egg as well. It started running all over the foil. Oh, well.

I topped the English muffins "Pizza style" with the chopped meat, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. One thing I really like about this "recipe" is that it really is as flexible as your imagination when it comes to the toppings. Whatever sounds good to you will work!

After adding the toppings I was then able to spoon a bit more egg over the top without it going everywhere. Not only did the added egg add a bit more protein, it also helped hold everything together. I popped the pizzas in the preheated oven (400 degrees) for about 15 minutes (ish... truth be told I wasn't watching the clock at all. But I think it was about 15 minutes).

After pulling the first batch out of the oven I went ahead and ate a couple for breakfast. I've never made these before and though the ingredients would be hard to mess up, it's always good to check before working in bulk (besides, I was hungry). The pizzas were wonderful. We'd be eating these tasty pizzas every week if I'd known how good they were!

I did learn on the first batch that the pizzas stick like crazy to the aluminum foil. I assumed it was because I hadn't thought to grease it. The second six I put straight on the well oiled cookie sheet, thinking this would fix the problem. Unfortunately stick-to-it-iveness seems to be a feature of the recipe--probably due to the egg. Next time I'll use aluminum foil AND oil it.

Once the 10 pizzas had cooled thoroughly I put them in ziplocks and popped them in the freezer. Two (and a half...) more breakfasts down.


  1. Mmmm those look yummy! I would have never thought to soak the english muffins in egg. I love how you cooked them for 15-ish minutes, that is exactly how I cook :)

  2. Can't wait to try! After your froze your left-overs, what steps did you take to thaw and re-heat so the pizza's didn't come out soggy for the second go around? Thanks!