Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby List, one month to go!

With about four weeks left before my due date, I've been buckling down and getting ready for this baby. My hubby has been telling me for weeks that I'm nesting, but when he first started saying that I didn't believe him. People throw around the term "nesting" so often, that the minute an expecting mom decides to do a major house clean she's determined to be "nesting," even if she would have done that same clean on the same day were she not expecting a baby. So, I didn't go for the "nesting" theory. I was just doing what needed to be done, and I'm pretty sure I would have done it even if I weren't pregnant.

But.... now it's official. I've spent the last few days getting the nursery ready, cleaning, organizing, planning--whatever your definition of nesting is, I've been doing exactly that for the last three days. To the point that I genuinely dislike anything slowing down my nesting projects ("Bedtime, Shmed-time! why would I stop putting together the baby's book case just so I can get some sleep?" or, "Ah, man.... sewing? Do I HAVE to? Baby's closet needs to be organized! Now!").

Yeah, it's silly. But it DOES need to be done...

Part of my nesting is making sure I have everything together for Baby. In less than a week I'll be considered "full term" which means I need to at least have the basics on hand! Here is my previous list, updated:


Carseat~I got this at my shower--hurray! And THANK YOU to the ones who gave it to me (it was a group gift)

Diaper Bag~I got this at my shower--and I absolutely love it. The bag is huge, and has a bunch of pockets. Isn't it pretty?

Diapers/wipes (cloth/disposable)~I still need these, but I have enough disposables to get through the first week or two if baby comes early. I've registered on Amazon for some cloth diapers, but will want a stash of disposables also. It's nice to have flexibility--especially the first few weeks when I'm getting used to having a baby around. :-)

Clothing~I have a few different sets of onsies already from grandparents and friends. I'm focusing on gender neutral colors (yellow, green, etc).

 Stroller~Still working on this one

Sling or carrier~Still need this. I'm thinking the Ergo looks best, though I've heard it doesn't work well for infants. If that's true, I'd go with the Moby wrap. 

Receiving blankets/spit up cloths~I have one package, but could probably use a few more. 

Baby Bath~Got it!! (or, going to get it, anyway. It's in the mail. :-) But I have some cute bath toys to hold me over)

Nice to Have

Bottles/pump~I have the bottles now, still need the pump. Having bottles and a pump will give more flexibility in the long term, but it won't be the main form of feeding  

Playpen~Already have this thanks to my aunt/uncle!

Swing~Definitely handy to have.

Diaper pail~Yeah.... Definitely a good thing. We'll probably just get a sturdy metal trash can with a lid. It doesn't have to be fancy.

Nursing cover/supplies~I have the nursing supplies, still need a nursing cover and a nursing pillow. 

Super-awesome-paci-that-a-smart-mother-with-a-sick-baby-invented--Okay, okay, that wasn't on my original list. But aren't those pacis neat? One is a medicine dispenser, the other is a thermometer. I have no idea if they will work for my baby, but the idea is brilliant. And very, very sneaky.  


Changing table/dresser combo~Have it.... sort of. :-) I am now the overly proud owner of a cube. Isn't it cute? It's also color coded, and I built it myself. The cube gives me the same amount of storage space as a dresser (but more organized), so the dresser is no longer a "need." I am going to keep my eye out for one, though, as any extra storage space is always useful and it would be nice to have the changing table top (the ONLY downside to my wonderful cube is that it isn't big enough to accomodate a changing pad on top like a dresser could). I'll look for one at a garage sale, and paint it to match the other furniture. 

Crib and mattress~I have the crib and mattress picked out now. We had considered waiting till after delivery to purchase them as they are more pricey and Baby will be with us the first little while, but I'm so eager to see the nursery finished I may not be able to wait that long! :P

Book Case~Got it! I put this together the same day I made my cube, and it is sooooo nice to get all our books neatly put away!! I'm seriously pleased with it. AND, most of the books on the shelf are kids books. Older kids, but still kids. As it is the "nursery" book shelf, I'm quite pleased.  


  1. My two cents: I have an Egro and it works fine for infants, at least it does for me.

  2. Personally, I would use the moby wrap for the first six months or so and go to the Ergo. Both of them are amazing. But I didn't have either 'til my son was about 18 lbs and 14-months-old. Nothing is as secure and snug as the moby, but for an older infant the Ergo is exceptional!:) God truly blessed and I found a brand new Ergo on Ebay and payed $60 for what should have been $115.