Tuesday, May 29, 2012

39 weeks

It's been quiet around here, and that wasn't planned on my part. In fact, I have a handful of posts that are completely ready to go, and just didn't post them. Writing is one of my first loves, but sometimes even the process of writing must be put aside for a time. Late pregnancy is one of those times I need to be a bit quieter.

Pregnancy is progressing well--as of today I am at 39 weeks. Based on statistics and what I've been feeling in my body I am expecting about 2 weeks more before I meet my little one. Of course, that may be a little more or a little less--there is no way to tell.

Late pregnancy has had its challenges, as my husband can attest. The diminishing energy levels truly have been the most difficult for me to deal with. Slowing down is not my strong point. I've fallen into a pattern of "one day on, one day off." I will work hard and get a great deal done one day, only to find the next that simply getting out of bed is a challenge--much less doing anything more than preparing the most basic of meals. After a day of recovery I'm able to get up and about again. When I skip the day of recovery, and try to push through the tiredness, I pay dearly for the indiscretion. It takes much longer to recover from two "on" days back-to-back. This makes weekends rough--as the Friday, Saturday, Sunday string doesn't lend itself to a "down" day.

Baby is still being a wiggle worm, but has much less space to work with. Instead of feeling kicks and punches,  I feel squirming. Sometimes I know Baby is trying to stretch out, because I will suddenly feel short of breath. Baby is pushing up and I don't have as much room to breathe. Other times, especially in the evening right before bed time, I feel baby much lower--creating the strangest sensations. I can only imagine that s/he is turning his/her head back and forth.

Last week my cousin Jenny took my hubby and I out for maternity pictures. She did an amazing job, as you can tell from the pictures! Even my hubby enjoyed getting our pictures done, and he's not usually too crazy about the occasional obligatory picture session. If any of you live in the area, Jenny is the owner of 100 Years From Now Photography, and does a fantastic job all around (though my favorites are the maternity and babies... For obvious reasons :-P)

Friday we had our first sonogram. I won't tell the whole story, but when we went to the doctor we hadn't planned on getting a sonogram done. It was a miscommunication. However, once we realized the error we decided to go ahead with the sonogram--but not find out the gender. With less than 2 weeks till the "due date" I didn't want a doctor to tell me. I want my husband to make the announcement just before handing me my little one. The sonogram did assure us that we are carrying one very healthy baby, in the realm of 7-8 lbs, about as far along as we expected. All good things to know.

Can you see Baby's face? Both are face shots--the one on the left is clearer. I love it! I'm so used to seeing mid-term sonograms that I didn't realize how developed and clear the picture would be! Seeing Baby is so incredible.

One thing that has been on my mind is the parallels that God has given us in our relationship with Him and pregnancy. Perhaps the most vivid picture God has given us of Christ's return is the wait a mother has for the delivery of her little one. With all the advances that medical science has made, we still cannot predict a woman's true "due date" with any more accuracy than "sometime between week 38-42." We toss around "estimated" due dates (the 40 week mark) while knowing that only 7% of babies are actually born ON their "due date." When a woman gets to late pregnancy, the closest she can know is that she will meet her little one soon. But soon is undefined. It could be a couple days, a couple weeks--or even a month, she doesn't know. But she has to be ready for the moment of labor to come at any time. She finds a tension between her desire to meet her little one, and her desire to be fully prepared for his arrival.
“But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
In the same way we can't know when exactly Christ is coming. We know he is coming soon--but soon is undefined. It could be a couple days, a couple months, or not in our lifetime. We don't know. But we do know that the moment of His coming could be at any time, and we must be prepared for it. We find a tension  between our desire to meet our Jesus face to face, and our desire to be fully prepared for his arrival.

A good picture, isn't it? Such is our God.

In the meantime, if things progress the way I expect them to, I hope to get one more pregnancy post in before the baby comes. But if the next pregnancy post is to announce a new little blessing, I can't say I'd mind!

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