Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zacon seafood event!!

I just got an email yesterday saying that Zaycon is coming back to Texas--this time with seafood!! I'm SUPER excited about this event. I've shared a few times how much my hubby and I have enjoyed the regular chicken, Bacon and beef events that Zaycon sponsors. Their meat is high quality, and I have never been disappointed by an order from Zaycon.

A month ago they did a beef event and included Tilapia as a test run to see if there was a demand for it in Texas. I was excited about the event because I try to regularly include low-mercury fish in my pregnancy diet. Tilapia happens to have very low levels of mercury, so it is ideal for pregnancy. Sadly, I didn't move fast enough! The tilapia sold out in just a few days--looooong before the official close date!

Yesterday evening I got an email saying that  Zaycon is bringing Tilapia back in another event in couple weeks. This time in addition to Tilapia they are making both Shrimp and Wild-Caught Alaskan True Cod available! This is the first time  Zaycon has ever done a seafood event in Texas.

Here are the details on the sea-food:

Alaskan True Cod - ONLY $5.39/lb.
White 31/40 Shrimp (cooked) - ONLY $6.39/lb.
Tilapia - ONLY $2.99/lb.

Alaskan True Cod

  • Delicious True COD fillets — the closest thing to a same-day catch as possible
  • Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska and flash frozen
  • Each fillet is IQF (individually quick frozen) and packaged in a single 20-lb bag inside the case
  • Sold by the case — 20 lbs in each case

White 31/40 Shrimp

  • Flash Frozen and Fully Cooked
  • Comes in 5 - 2lb. bags per case. (2 cases per order) Totally 20 pound purchase.
  • Farm Raised


  • Flash Frozen Fillets
  • Comes in a 20 pound case
  • Farm raised
If you are interested in any of these items I recommend ordering ASAP. The deadline for the orders is April 25th, but last time it was offered the Tilapia sold out in just a few days. I can only imagine that the Cod and Shrimp will go pretty quickly as well. 

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