Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pregnancy nutrition--new series

At the birthing class my husband and I are attending I have to keep up with what I eat each day as part of my weekly homework. I am following Dr Brewers Pregnancy Nutrition Program.

I've been keeping semi-close tabs on my nutrition throughout this pregnancy. At first the part of my diet that was the most challenging was getting all my protein and dairy in. According to Dr. Brewer, I need to drink a quart of milk a day--and for someone who didn't previously drink milk at all that was a major change!! In addition, usually during pregnancy a woman needs to consume 80-100 grams of protein a day. For various reasons, my midwife asked me to shoot for 100-120 grams of protein daily. That's a LOT of protein! After a month or so I got into the rhythm of dairy and protein, and now it isn't hard at all. I just evaluate pretty much everything I eat based on protein count. 

Now that I'm keeping a food journal again, I'm finding the two things I struggle most with are the greens and coconut oil. The greens have always been a challenge, because I just don't care for salads. I can remember maybe four green salads in my life I liked well enough for seconds. I just don't like lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens, no matter how good they are for me. That isn't to say I won't eat them if they are served to me (or are drenched in enough unhealthy salad dressing), but I don't typically make them myself--and certainly not to the tune of two servings per day!

Coconut oil isn't technically in Dr. Brewers diet, though "3 servings of healthy fats" are. I'm going specifically for coconut oil due to its wonderful health benefits. But eating coconut oil just isn't tasty. I've tried it in warm tea and warm milk, and even tried eating a spoonful straight. Yuck. Consuming it as a supplement just isn't my thing. Last class, however, my teacher explained to us that the reason the fats are so important (especially at this stage in pregnancy) is that if they are consumed regularly they will increase the moisture and "strechability" of the skin.   One doesn't have to consider the birthing process very long to see why this would be a very, very good thing.... So, back to thinking creatively about coconut oil.  

The next couple weeks on Tuesdays I'm going to share a few recipes that have been a huge help to me in getting my pregnancy nutrition in good order. Some of them have helped me in all four of my difficult areas, some are just great (healthy) snacks. Pretty much all of them are reasonably fast, easy, and inexpensive. 


  1. I have some good recipes that use coconut oil - I could bring the book around to church on Sunday if I remember. Feel free to email me a reminder :-)

  2. Thank you for posting this Sophia! My youngest sis-in-law is expecting and I will be sharing this blog series with her!