Thursday, April 5, 2012

Organizing the home: Day 3

Yesterday was quite the day for getting things done around the house! I'm pretty proud of my progress so far. I got up in the morning and "got dressed in something that made me feel good." I made my to-do list, and then completed my morning routine of QT, breakfast, etc.

An addition to the morning routine is getting in at least 15 minutes of walking each morning. My husband and I started our birth class earlier this week, and the knowledge that next week I'm going to have to share both my progress in keeping up with exercise and my (healthy) eating log is huge motivation to make sure I do well in both areas. Accountability is a very good thing.

Instead of doing a 15 minute clean on the bedroom, I did four 15 minute blitzs on four different areas of the house--kitchen, bedroom, living area, and fridge. I went a little over on my time (ended up being closer to 20 minutes per area) but it was amazing how much progress I made in just a little over an hour! It was very encouraging. When I started the bedroom was pretty awful (the piles of clean laundry needing to be put away weren't helping):

Here is what it looked like when I'd finished:

Instead of doing the freezer, I decided to work on the fridge (Day 2's assignment that I missed due to tornado excitement). I do a lot of freezer cooking and tend to organize my freezer on a pretty regular basis, so it isn't too bad anyway. The fridge is a different story.

Looks like a lot of stuff in there for two people, yes? I was amazed at how many expired jars and past-due veggies were in that fridge. Here's the after picture:

It was so much better!!! If I can make progress like THAT every day during the challenge, my house is going to be amazing by next month!

A project I've been working on little by little is cleaning out our master closet.  Here is a pile of clothes that no longer fit. I'm sure there are seven things in there, though I didn't actually count:

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  1. NICE job on the refrigerator (and on everything!)