Monday, April 16, 2012

Counting the Grace Gifts

Counting the Grace Gifts from this week:

407. Time with BOTH sides of the family on Easter Sunday
408. A hairstyle done by my sweet SIL, Faith
409. Sharing my "brilliant Christmas plans" with my female relatives.
410. Visits with my SIL next door

411. Lox on a bagel (yum!)
412. Laughing (and cringing) with my man during birthing class
413. A clean house
414. An hour with my sweet doulas, getting to know them better
415. Taking the kids out for a surprise Cold Stone run

416. Putting my feet up after a day on the run
417. The Keepers quilt, started
418. A scissortailed flycatcher perched on a fence just a few feet away
419. An afternoon nap

420. Community group, after so many weeks
421. Laughing with friends over ridiculous things (our son, if we  have a son, named "Superman Wolfrider?" I doubt it :-P)
422. A new book
423. Accomplishing a long-term goal

424. Finishing the registries--or at least, getting the legwork done
425. Pizza, after a long morning of walking
426. Finding the perfect fabrics for my quilt
427. Coming home to a man willing to fix dinner while I put my feet up (these pregnant feet aren't willing to go as far as they used to go, and I forget and attempt more than I can do, and these feet protest and dinner seems insurmountable)

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