Monday, April 30, 2012

Conferences, traveling, and a full week!

This past week was a full, wonderful, and blessed week. The blog was quieter than usual, because I've been out of town without internet access. I loved the quietness of being "offline" for 7 days, but I sure am glad to be back!

Tuesday afternoon I left with my mom and brother to go to a Bible conference a couple hours away. The conference was amazing! The speakers were very motivational, and I learned a lot while I was there. In addition to having the sessions, there were MANY books there. I spent most of the break time going through the many options, making a list, and finally settling on the VERY BEST books there. I was thrilled with my finds.
My hubby's family was there also.
I'd hoped to get a picture of all of us,
but that last day Harmony and I were the only ones
to show up for lunch!
While the conference was wonderful, I hated being away from my man for so long. I was so glad to be headed home afterwards! But I was only home for about an hour before my husband picked me up and we headed to A Weekend To Remember. It was soooo nice to spend the entire weekend focusing on our marriage, and having time to just relax together. The last couple months have been incredibly busy for us, and we needed time to just be us for a few days.

We also found a number of ways that we could focus on improving our marriage in the future. I have not been as intentional about working on our relationship as I was when we first got married (read: I've gotten lazy), and this was a good reminder to me to not let that relationship slide. My marriage is the most important human relationship I have, and the ONLY relationship that scripture calls me to for life. Keeping that relationship constantly growing isn't an optional thing (but it IS a fun thing!).  

My hubby wrote his recap of the weekend here, if you are interested in hearing the other side.

While I've enjoyed the last week of traveling around, it is wonderful to be home again. I'm looking forward to keeping a lower profile the next couple weeks, as I focus on physically resting (the traveling may have been fun, but it was wearing on this pregnant lady--especially as the first conference didn't have AC) and preparing my home for our new blessing.

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