Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby List

 Through most of this pregnancy I've been pretty relaxed about preparing for Baby. The first trimester I specifically asked to not be given baby products, because of my recent miscarriage. The second trimester I just had other things to think about, and the baby was far enough off that I didn't feel a need to focus on getting "baby stuff."

The last couple weeks that has changed. Showers loom on the horizon, meaning I do actually need to get the registry together (and "No" my family insists, "Amazon doesn't count."). Birthing classes remind me weekly of all the things I DON'T know and need to learn. The homework, though not hard, keeps my mind focused during the week. More frequent midwife appointments let me listen to Baby R more often, and the added discomforts of late pregnancy make me thankful for the recently started bi-monthy chiropractor visits. All of these things added together remind me that this baby is coming, and I've got less than 7 weeks left to prepare.

(in fact, while I expect Baby to come closer to 41 weeks, a 37 week baby isn't considered premature. So... in reality, I've actually got 4 weeks to get ready, just in case.)

So here is a list of my baby needs, and how I'm coming with accumulating them. I've divided it into several parts, in (semi) order of necessity:


Carseat~Needs to be new for safety reasons, I registered for one on Amazon.

Diapers/wipes (either cloth or disposable)~I plan to use cloth diapers primarily, but with so many options I have concerns about purchasing a bunch before Baby and I can try them out together. I've registered for a couple different ones on Amazon, and when we find out which cloth diaper works best for us I'll "stock up" on the cloth.

Clothing~I have a few different sets of onsies already from grandparents and friends. I'm focusing on gender neutral colors (yellow, green, etc).

 Stroller~Of course.

Diaper Bag~I'm in love with my SIL's diaper bag, which isn't actually a diaper bag. It's a Vera Bradley, so it doesn't have the plastic lining. She's been using it for a year and says that isn't a problem--and it's a lot cuter than most of the diaper bags I've seen in the store!

Sling or carrier~I'm not sure what type, but something that allows me to keep baby close but hands free. When Baby gets bigger my hubby already has a baby backpack for going on walks in. 

Receiving blankets/spit up cloths~Probably quite a few of these... :-P

Baby Bath~Yeah, gonna need this. Definitely don't want to be bathing baby in the sink. Registered for it at Babies R Us. 

Nice to Have

Bottles/pump~I'm getting two different kinds of bottles, glass bottles (normal bottle nipple) and breastflow (made to simulate breastfeeding). We'll see which works better for us.

Playpen~Already have this thanks to my aunt/uncle!

Swing~Definitely handy to have.

Diaper pail~Yeah.... Definitely a good thing. Even if we are focusing on using cloth. :P

Nursing cover/supplies~These will see a lot of use.


Changing table/dresser combo~With storage space being a premium in the apartment, a dresser is very close to an "absolute necessity" need. If I have to get a dresser anyway, it might as well have the changing table top on it. 

Crib and mattress~I haven't picked out the crib, but I've narrowed it down to two styles I like. The mattress has to be organic, as regular mattresses have a lot of chemicals and Baby R will be spending a lot of time here. This isn't under "absolute necessities" because Baby R will be with us the first couple months in a bassinet. It would be really nice to have this before delivery, but if we don't we'll get it after. :)

Book Case~In our 2 bdrm apartment, the second bedroom is split between nursery (one half) and office/library (other half). We have three bookcases currently, and enough books piled around them to fill a fourth book case. There won't be space for baby stuff until we get those books put away. 

So, yes. Pretty much starting from scratch here as everything I have but the playpen and a box of diapers is pictured. But honestly, I do feel better about making a list. There aren't nearly as many things as I thought there would be. I may be "starting at the very beginning," but we can do this. :-)


  1. I've used cloth on all four kids and have a few different types if you're interested in looking at them/trying them out. Also,we have the "perfect" diaper pail for cloth diapers if you need a suggestion on that too.

    1. That would be perfect! Which diaper pail do you use? I'd also love to hear your diaper recommendations. "Tried in the trenches" reviews are always best. :-)