Monday, April 9, 2012

10 weekly goals

I'm joining Crystal this month in working on getting my home organized. I'll never be able to get my house organized if I don't have my priorities for the week firmly in mind. So for the next month I'll be posting my weekly goals each Monday.

 My goals from last week:
1. One quiet evening with my hubby
2. Attend first birthing class, keep up with homework! Done! (and the class was great!)

3. Walk every day for 15-20 minutes {Done--I'm doing a lot better with exercise now, and the daily walking is definitely a good thing.}
4. Send two thank you notes, one birthday note--{Eh, not last week. But it's still on the list. }
5. Finish listening to MSM Budget, post review Review posted here.

6. Work on master BR closet, toss or properly store anything not used frequently {Worked a bit on this every day, will need more work, though.}
7. Prepare Easter dishes 

8. Close first Shelf Reliance party
9. Prepare next keepers project
10. Write first two posts of next blog series {And Done! :)}
Altogether this past week was pretty good for accomplishing the goals! Here is what I'm working on for this week:

1. Keep up with birthing class homework
2. Meet with Doulas
3. Bluebonnet pictures with my man

4. Walk every day for 20 minutes
5. Send two thank you notes, one birthday note
6. Get quilt fabric from quilt shop

7. Continue keeping up with Crystals Home organization challenge
8. Finish Master BR closet

9. Prepare next week's keepers project
10. Visit one church family

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  1. good job!! this week is catch-up week for me -

    here's hopin to a good week.... :D