Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lessons from Mama

Earlier this year I mentioned my plans to focus on encouraging young ladies during the season of singleness, courtship, engagement, and early marriage. We started this focus with a twice weekly series of interviews with married women (and a few men). I undertook the project as the natural first step in encouraging other young ladies, but I truly had no idea how much I was going to learn in the process! It really was fantastic talking to all these ladies and learning for myself the lessons God had taught them over the years.
After reading the material that my mom shared for her interview I realized it was far too comprehensive to include in a single post. So, starting this coming week she will be sharing a weekly lesson on useful skills for a young lady to know before marriage. A few of the topics she will be touching on are:

Menu planning
Grocery shopping
Staying in a budget
House cleaning

You can head over to her interview to see a more complete list of the topics (it is under the 5th question, What would you have done differently as a single woman to prepare for this?).

This series will be on Thursdays, so check back this time next week for her first post!

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