Monday, March 26, 2012

New friends, new blessings

It's been quite the weekend in the "manor." This past weekend was my long anticipated weekend getaway with MomLife. I was gone for about two days to a camp a couple hours away, and had a fantastic time. The speakers were great, and I came away with quite a few good memories and notes.

A couple days before MomsLifet, I found out that I would be able to partially attend another weekend women's conference, COMMIT, with the ladies on my husband's side of the family. Because I'd already committed to MomsLife, I hadn't expected to be able to attend. But the conferences only overlapped by about a day, so I was able to partially attend COMMIT also. I really enjoyed the chance to spend time with my family, and the COMMIT conference itself was wonderful as well!

While all that traveling was a blast, it's been nice to be back home. I like busy weekends every  now and again, but I can say whole-heartedly with Dorothy, "There's no place like home!"

327. God providing an extra pair of hands for Keepers (a pair of hands that was okay with being thrown into the fray with only the words, "Do you know how to heat emboss? Great! You can teach that table. The stuff is... out. I think. Somewhere... Have fun!")
328. Three packages in the mail--two for me, one as a present

329. A borrowed car with AC
330. Roses, blooming profusely
331. The unexpected opportunity to attend a COMMIT conference with my MIL and SILs
332. Sitting with the moms, instead of the daughters


333. A bowl of cheerios, used to remind me to not store up resentment
334. Meeting with my midwife, and hearing Baby's heartbeat (she says its in the range for a girl--but who knows!)
335. Lunch with my Sister-in-law, Melody, between our midwife appointments
336. Leaving on vacation with a clean house. Miracles do happen!


337. A tea party at the DMC. Lovely!
338. Dreaming of tea parties with my own little girls
339. Learning two new crafts to do, one for great "girl time" one for great presents.
340. A long drive with my man

341. The chance to attend MomLife Bootcamp
342. "What? Pregnant! No way are we letting you sleep on the top bunk!"
343. 6 great room mates, and 6 new friends
344. Early morning sitting on the dock and journaling

345. Evening phone calls to my man
346. Learning a new game
347. A phone charger
348. A reminder to not be a sideline mom


349. Absorbing myself in cardmaking
350. A needle and thread
351. Tasty, delicious snacks
352. Meeting Crystal Paine


353. An encouraging message reminding me that we're all works in progress, by the Grace of God
354. Moms scrapping together
355. Stepping outside of my comfort zone
356. Two new cute headbands

357. Writing a couple thank you notes, and thinking about the blessings God has put in my life
358. Being handed a prayer card for Wisdom, my "special word"
359. Peppermint tea
360. Seeing my man after a weekend apart


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  1. As a mom of sons, I am so excited you spent quality time like that with your MIL:) Just WOW! Congratulations on a baby's heartbeat - and just the wonderful time you described! Made me want to go! Wishing you sweet blessings this week!