Monday, March 12, 2012

My reading nook

This past week I've been working on getting our patio spruced up with some flowers, and cleared of miscellanies "stuff" that tends to migrate to forgotten places (like our patio). I was rather pleased with the result of the labor!

My husband was kind enough to carry out an old comfy chair for me to sit in, and so here is my new favorite reading nook!!

In reality, I probably won't do most of my reading there. The truth is, I read anywhere.  I read sitting in the carpool line waiting for school to let out. I read outside the YMCA waiting for swim team to finish. I read curled up on my bed as I wait for my man to finish a project. I read on the couch in the mornings. I sometimes think longingly of the book sitting in the passenger seat as I wait for a red light (though, of course, I'm far too mature to ever actually act on that temptation *cough*). Pretty much, if I've got a book and a free moment I dive in, regardless of location. The only thing my various reading nooks have in common is opportunity.

All the same, it is nice to have a pleasant little place that is just my own to read in.

Pregnant or no, I'm still able to read in the proper position
--comfortably curled up.

I mentioned in my February Reading Challenge Update that this month I'll be participating in the March of Books. Today we're linking up to share our favorite place to read. If you want to see some other favorite places, click the link below. :-)
March of Books 2012 at


  1. I loved this post!! :) I too, have had moments of temptation at red lights. :D

    1. Thanks Chantel! Some temptations are so hard to resist--but I guess that's why they invented audio books, right? :P

  2. Oh what a lovely vintage chair! The old ones are the most comfy, aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing your reading nook with us!

    1. Thanks Gretchen! I really do love that chair--and was so glad to find a good place for it.

  3. Hi, I'm just stopping by from the YLCF March link-up. Your reading chair looks absolutely like a wonderfully delightful place to read! A perfect reading nook in my opinion. Plus, the pom-pom shoes make reading an all-the-more enjoyable experience, no?

    ~ Tarissa
    { In the Bookcase }

    1. Yes, I'm pretty sure the pom-pom shoes improve any reading experience. :P

      Thanks for stopping by!