Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Matched Pearls

Matched Pearls, by Grace Livingston Hill, is about Constance, a well-to-do college student, who is completely focused on the world. Constance was raised in a nominally Christian home, but is completely ignorant of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. Then Constance finds out that her grandmother, who owns a very expensive string of heirloom pearls, will only give them to her when she joins the church. Constance does not want to make a public profession she does not intend to keep, but the thought of her poor country cousin (who is a Christian) being given the pearls instead is too much for her to bear. She decides to take the vows to get the pearls. Although seemingly insignificant, this act changed the course of Constance's life.

The basic story was about what I would expect from Grace Livingston Hill, or her aunt, Isabella Alden. Unmistakably Christian. I like that in my books, especially fiction books. The best fiction books revolve around Christ to the point that the story would not make sense if He was removed from the story.

On the flip side, this book was definitely a romance, and I believe it took the romance too far. While there was very little physical romance, throughout the story Constance is either with a worldly suitor, with a godly suitor, or thinking about one of the suitors (mostly the godly one). This intense emotional focus on romance isn't something I believe is healthy--especially for single young ladies.

Overall, while the story did revolve around Christ to the point that it wouldn't make sense without him, I still would not be able to recommend this book to others--particularly not single young women.

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