Monday, March 12, 2012

Lemons to Lemon Aid

This past week was full, but not in the usual way. Sunday my husband caught a stomach bug that knocked him for a loop. Within a couple days I'd caught it also, and let me tell you--a stomach bug is VERY confusing when a girl is also pregnant! It took most of a day for me to realize I was genuinely sick, and not dealing with a random unusual bout of morning sickness. 

Although being sick isn't much fun, I did appreciate the extra evenings at home with my man. I may be "on the go" a lot, but my very favorite place to be is at home, especially if my man is there also. Sick or not, it isn't hard to turn lemons into lemon aid when we're together. :-)

278. My husband, cleaning up after me when I was sick (pretty sure that's True Love defined...)
279. my fluffy blue blanket
280. planting new flowers
281. Hope leading Keepers for me when I was sick (I can't say how satisfying it is to know that Keepers isn't entirely dependent on me. It may be my "baby" but it could go on without me)
282. A bowl of cookies and cream Blue Bell icecream

283. The freedom to say "no."
284. Finding my Tropical Traditions moisturizing cream (the worlds best ever lotion)
285. A letter from a far-away friend
286. Finding blind spots
287. Running water (you appreciate it more after it's been turned off for a few hours...)
288. Watching the baby move (pretty sure there's a sci-fi inspiration in the weird lumps and moving bumps on a mama's belly)
289. Getting the porch cleared off--finally!
290. "God has greatly blessed you" whispered in a sweet accent with a nod to my midsection as I ordered breakfast
291. All is well in pregnancy
297. My midwife--and her two assistants, trying to figure out what position Baby is in. Baby kept moving, and every time they'd figured it out, would be somewhere else. I think Baby was laughing at them. :P

298. Meeting my sister for lunch
299. A new favorite reading nook.
300. homemade crepes wrapped around cookies and cream icecream, and home made ganache. Oh, yes....
301. "That was WORTH getting off a diet." whispered in my ear after church potluck, about the chocolate cake I made
302. A manhood ceremony--and a church that does things like that
303. Watching friends navigate the uncharted waters of a new relationship
304. Seeing God work in the lives of family members

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