Friday, March 30, 2012


Joining Lisa-Jo and fabulous others this morning for Five Minute Friday, where we cut the words loose for just five minutes, and see where they fall. No editing, just encouraging the others who play along. The topic today is Gift.

Time. It's a gift in many different ways. The fact that we have time at all is a gift that God gives us. Each moment that He keeps the air circulating through our lungs and our hearts beating is a gift. A gift easily taken for granted, but precious and amazing.

Time is a gift we can give to other people--the time that God gives us can then be given away. It is both the cheapest and most expensive gift on the planet. It is free to give, but extremely valuable. How we spend the gift of our time shows us where our priorities are--just as surely as how we spend our money.

When I think of time I see it differently than many people. My love language is quality time, and my husband learned long ago that if he wants to really show me he loves me a lot, the best way is to set everything aside and focus on me. We don't have to be talking (though often I do), but we do have to have undistracted "us" time. Time is the way I give and receive love most naturally.

Gifts are precious, and the gifts we give to loved ones are especially important. How are you doing in your gift giving? How do you show your love?

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