Saturday, March 31, 2012

To the brim


Walking With the Lord is a weekly pause we take here at Ruby in the Rough to focus on the things of the Lord. Sometimes it will be a devotional, a poem, or a lesson from our church that stood out as being particularly applicable.

Joh 2:7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.

As I was reading this morning this verse caught my eye.The setting is Jesus' first miracle, at the wedding in Cana. Mary had bid the servants to do whatever Jesus asked them too, and this verse tells what he asked of them. 

The thing that is striking is how thoroughly they obeyed. Jesus commanded them to fill the water pots, but he didn't say it had to be to the brim. Usually when a person fills something they leave a bit on top so that it doesn't spill. I consider my cup full even if there are a couple inches left from the brim. Granted, these waterpots were considerably bigger than a glass of water, but even so--the servants weren't asked to fill them too the brim, just to fill them. The servants were simply obeying orders. 

Since it was Jesus' first miracle, I doubt that they suspected what was about to happen. Jesus didn't have a reputation yet--at least, not one as a miracle worker. He was simply an 'ordinary' guest at the celebration. What's more, this 'ordinary' guest asked the already busy servants to fill 6 water pots of 2-3 firkins. This is equal to between 108-162 gallons. That was no easy task. Despite this, the servants went over an beyond, doing everything asked of them and more besides.

I wonder, how often can we say that we do the same? We all know of things that God wants us to do. I'm sure that many times in the past we have obeyed Him and done things that were difficult, but how many times do we stop there?

 When you get right down to it, though, it is that extra bit that matters the most. We can obey God out of duty, but to go beyond what He asks takes love and trust. It is also this extra bit that is the best witness. If God asks you to do something and you do just that and no more, others watching will wonder what your motivation was. Did you do that because you love God, or was it just because you had some sense of duty, devoid of personal love, simply an obligation you had to fulfill? They can't really know. However, if you obey, and add to that obediance extra, then there can be no doubt that the obediance was born of love.

 Not that I'm downplaying pure and simple obediance--never! There are few things so lovely as a Christian that is living a life of obediance. But there is something extra special when that believer is able to go over and beyond. When they don't just 'fill' the waterpots, they 'fill them up to the brim'.

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