Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Collapse of Evolution

I picked up The Collapse of Evolution, by Scott M Huse, mainly because it is the text book to a class on Creationism that my husband and I are taking through our church. In addition to other homework assignments, we are required to finish this book by the end of the semester. I found this book to be much more interesting than I expected.

Each chapter of this book deals with a different scientific aspect of Evolution vs. Creation. There are chapters on geology, astronomy, biology, mathematics, and physics, among others. I found the reading to be engaging and interesting.

One of the major things I got out of this book is how incorrect it is for schools to teach evolution as a proven fact, rather than a theory. By it's nature, evolution cannot be scientifically proven because it can't be observed. That makes evolution a matter of faith, which is the very criticism that Creationists often face. If evolution is a matter of faith, it should be taught as a matter of faith--not as proven scientific facts.

This book is engaging, easy to understand, and thought provoking. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic. 

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