Saturday, March 3, 2012


Walking With the Lord is a weekly pause we take here at Ruby in the Rough to focus on the things of the Lord. Sometimes it will be a devotional, a poem, or a lesson from our church that stood out as being particularly applicable.

I know the name of my enemy
It seeks my life, it is Apathy.

It says that what will be will soon be,
So there's no point to fight my enemy.

It says that I will be only one,
And will not matter in the long run.

If I will fight, or if I will sit--
Why decide now? Decide in a bit.

Yes, I know it, and I know it well,
This enemy is from the pit of Hell.

It would make me un-armoured and weak,
And leave me with no honor to seek.

I will not turn, and shall not be moved,
Will not be lax, or restfully soothed.

I'm a soldier and cannot be brought
Into a sleep while the battle's fought.

I'm no warrior of ordinary mould--
I'm a Christian, both brave and bold.

And so I say now to Apathy
I won't be tricked to think but of me.

Nor will you find my sword to be slow
Or my shield weak against you, my foe.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ
Let not yourselves weary in this fight.

When you stand firm other Christians will see
That they too can stand against Apathy.

Then they will join and rally around
Their fight will start as the trumpets sound.

And so it is that though you are one,
By one warrior the fight can be won.

You cannot know what difference might make
When you will give Battle for Christ's sake.

© 2006 Sophia Rohlin

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