Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This past weekend my hubby and I both took a long weekend and spent some time visiting a few local points of interest. We've never done a "stay-cation" before, and we had such a lovely time! Here are a few pictures from our various excursions:

I’d never been to the local zoo before, despite that it is one of the top zoos in the nation. My hubby had been before, and it was everything he’d promised. We saw hundreds of different animals.

The last few weeks we have been taking a class together on creation, and one of the things that really stood out to me from this visit was the amazing variety in creation. The animals that God created are so complex, so amazing, and so varied. Their mere existence is proof-positive of an intelligent creator!

Neither of us had been to the local aquarium before, though I've heard great reviews. I enjoyed the trip even more than I expected to. The bright colors of all the fish were fun to look at—yet again I was impressed with the creativity of our God. The ones in the picture above were my favorites—I loved watching the way they moved. The rays (along with sharks and a few other things) were in a huge aquarium with a tunnel through it. When we walked through the tunnel there were fish above, to either side, and below us. I'd teased Richard about the shark tank beforehand; I didn't realize we'd BOTH end up inside one! 

In addition to some of the big-name attractions that we visited, we also had a chance to visit some local restaurants. It was fun meeting the local people, making connections, and finding places that have a bit more “personality” than the usual chain restaurants.

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