Saturday, February 4, 2012

Marriage--What's a girl to do?

Marriage. It's something as young women we dream of, anticipate, and to varying degrees plan out.  We dream of our future husband's character, how loving he will be, how perfect he will be. Some of us pray for him regularly, or even write love notes to him to be given to him after we are married. I know many young ladies who wear purity rings--a reminder to them that instead of giving their affections to the first young man that shows interest, they are saving themselves for their future mate.

I believe that God has placed in young women this wholesome desire to be married. This desire, in balance with trust in the Lord, can be a beautiful motivation to pure and wholesome living. 

Since I got married I have been approached with many questions on relationships. I am not an expert on the topic by any means, but I do have a heart for single ladies. I married later in life than did most of my married friends, and that time of singleness is still a vivid memory. 

The season of singleness before marriage is such a precious time of life, one that will never be repeated.  Though it contains a unique set of challenges and temptations, the blessings and opportunities are even more abundant. I think this quote from Douglas Wilson sums up the focus of godly singleness quite nicely:

[T]he time a person spends when he is single should be time spent in preparation for marriage. This is important even if he never gets married. This is because biblical preparation for marriage is nothing more than learning to follow Jesus Christ and to love one’s neighbor. In other words, preparation for Christian marriage is basically the same as preparation for Christian living. Christians are to prepare for marriage by learning self-denial, subduing their pride, and putting their neighbor first.

In addition to the usual assortment of posts, I want to take some time over the next year to encourage young ladies during their single years, courtship, and engagement. I'm pretty excited about some of the posts I have in the works already, including a few guest posts from dear ladies who have the same vision.

Stay tuned, because the first post of this new series is set to roll out a week from today, on February 11, just in time for Valentines Day!!

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