Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Checkup

Reading Challenge 2012

According to my Goodreads widget, I'm a little behind on my reading goal of 30 books this year. However, currently I'm in the middle of about 4 books (how did that happen???) and making decent progress through most of them.

Here are my reports on the two books I did finish:

Pollyanna: It's hard to believe that this was really the first time I've read this classic story. A friend loaned it to me after I requested some "light reading." Pollyanna certainly filled that. It was enjoyable, fun, and easy to read. Outside of that, however, I was fairly disappointed in the story itself.

Pollyanna comes so close to being a truly inspirational book, but then falls on its face in the last few chapters. She encourages her friends and family (and complete strangers!) to play what she has named the "happy game." She asks them to choose to find a bright side regardless of the circumstances but she never gives them a basis for this happiness!! There was a beautiful opportunity near the end of the book for Pollyanna's character to mature and discover that true joy can only be found in the knowledge in and trust of God's sovereignty, but this did not happen. The result was a sweet but hollow story.

The MoneySavingMom's Budget: As a long time reader of MoneySavingMom.Com, I had pre-ordered my copy months ago. I knew the book would be fantastic, and I wasn't disappointed! Crystal had some great tips and advice to share. Even though I've been reading her blog for years now, there was still plenty of fresh information. It also helped to have some of the familiar tips in a more compact form. This book was so good that I'm planning on purchasing the audio version so my husband can listen to it also. I finished the book feeling satisfied that it had been everything I expected to be.


  1. I have actually never read Pollyanna, either. I saw a free download for kindle and I'm thinking of downloading it via my ipad and seeing how I like it! :)

    1. It frequently surprises me how many classics I'm familiar with but have never read for myself. It's great to pick one up every now and then and form my own opinion of it, based on the book itself!