Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grit and Husbands

Joining The Gypsy Mama again for Five Minute Friday. The rules are:

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Grit. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of grit is my husband. He's all man--all rough and tumble, ready for anything, sweaty, wonderful man. He makes his own bullets for his own guns, because he can. And because it's fun. Put him outdoors for a week with just a compass and knife and he'd do just fine. He's gritty like that. Man.

But he knows he's gritty, that he is able to handle himself in any situation. And he doesn't have to prove that to anyone. He can leave that at the door--like his mud stained boots, and still be the kind of man that brings flowers to his lady. It's balanced, and good.

While I love the fact that he can be romantic; I also love the grit, the sweat, the man. It's all part of the same package, and it's a package that suits me just right. Grit and all.



  1. I am learning more and more to focus on all the wonderful things that make my husband who he is, instead of getting frustrated at all the insignificant stuff ... I love how you have affirmed yours in this post...

  2. "he makes his own bullets...because he can" love this :) Sounds like our husbands would be great, you loving this about him.

  3. I enjoyed your post. While it takes grits for outdoor survival, it may take even more to drop it all outside the door and just tend to his wife as a husband is called to do. God bless your marriage!

  4. What a wonderful post lifting up your husband. I love how mine is a blend of grit and gentleness. :)

  5. Love this. and sure hope your hubby reads your blog so he sees your affection spilled so poetically! :)
    Thank you for encouraging me. . yes. that's just what I'm going to do. write a little love note to my spouse. sharing what grit I love about him. :) thank you!