Wednesday, February 29, 2012

26 weeks down... 14 to go...

 Time for another pregnancy update!  Since my last update Pregnancy has been progressing quite nicely. The biggest change is the rate that I am changing sizes. I'm actually getting to the point now that some of my maternity clothes are getting snug--a problem that I never realized could happen a couple months ago when I gleefully shopped for maternity clothes. The lotion bottles in the house are emptying about as fast as my belly is growing, as I try to avoid stretch marks. So far, so good. :-)

My big project
this year has been to de-clutter the house. There won't be a whole room dedicated to the baby. Instead, the second room will be evenly divided between baby and office/library.  This second bedroom has also been where most of our "extra" stuff ends up, so there has been quite a lot I've been able to get rid of. I have determined that if we can't "make due" with a two bedroom apartment at this early stage in our marriage, we just need to get rid of some stuff!! While this project will continue till baby comes, I'm looking forward to getting to the place where we can get our crib and baby furniture. It will be fun to see my "baby corner" actually looking like a "baby corner."

Baby has been keeping quite busy the last month as well. Throughout the day I feel kicks, spins and butterfly flutters. I watched a short video last night on where Baby is in development, and it was fun to see all the different ways our little one is growing right now!

We're keeping a running tally on gender guesses. I'd rejoiced a month ago when Granny (somewhat hesitantly, because I was still pretty small) said she thought I might be looking like it was a girl. After seeing me this month she said a girl was still possible, but it's looking more like a boy now (my husband said, "I told you it was a boy!"). I've been calling Granny my "sonogram" and so I teasingly told her we'd have to come back for monthly updates. :-P

Also, yesterday evening something happened that I've been waiting for for awhile now. My husband and I went out for dinner, and someone actually saw that I was pregnant and asked when the due date was! I've felt "obviously pregnant" since about week 6 (smile), but it doesn't really count as "obvious" until you're pregnant enough that a stranger dares to give congratulations (and risk getting that embarrassing, "What? I'm not pregnant!" answer). I was grinning like the Cheshire cat on my way home.

Me, at 26 weeks. 


  1. Has your Granny ever predicted a girl? Because she has mine marked as a boy too.:-) Of course, I'm not arguing because I'd like Lance to have a brother. And I know what you mean about deep cleaning! We go through a round of that with every baby - it's good for us :-)

    1. I suppose she's predicted a girl--she hasn't been wrong with the last 13 babies born in the church, and that includes Danielle. But I guess we'll see how it turns out for us!

      Yes, while spring cleaning is great, I think "Baby Cleaning" is more effective. :P

  2. Awww! I can't wait until strangers actually start congratulating me. People I know are still telling me I "don't look pregnant". I do to myself (and hubby thinks so too) :).