Monday, January 23, 2012

21 weeks and counting

As of a few days ago I have reached the halfway point of this pregnancy. Twenty one weeks. If the due date is correct (and I don't expect it to be *smiles*) I'll be holding my little one in 133 days.

So far the Lord has blessed me with a very healthy pregnancy. I've been nauseous sometimes, but it hasn't been especially difficult or frequent. My immune system is definitely lower than normal--but usually I only get sick if I'm already pushing it too hard. I've dealt with exhaustion, but that has largely cleared up in the last month or so. I still crash sometimes, but usually there's a good reason.

I'm often asked if I've had any food cravings. Not especially, unless ice cream counts (and my hubby can affirm that craving isn't pregnancy specific!). I'm leaving the option open, though. It would be a shame to get through this entire pregnancy and NEVER play the "pregnancy craving" card. ;-)

I have had a genuine food aversion--ground beef. Apparently it is normal for a woman to develop a food aversion to something she was eating a lot of early in pregnancy. Maybe if I'd realized that I wouldn't have purchased 40lb case of ground beef right after I found out I was pregnant...

As of about 15 days ago I felt Baby for the first time. The very next evening Richard was able to feel her also. I went from feeling nothing whatsoever to feeling kicks every morning and evening. Now I can feel them throughout the day. It is a relief to have a daily confirmation that everything is going well.

Another frequent question is whether we plan on having a sonogram to discover the gender. At this point, no, we aren't planning on it. However, Richard's Granny is very good at gender prediction (of the last 13 babies born in the church, she has predicted 100% correctly). While I might not go out and decorate the nursery based on her prediction, I'm certainly looking forward to what she has to say.

21 weeks

Altogether this pregnancy has been a quiet, healthy one. I've been busy, but everything has been low-stress. I'm just enjoying my time with my baby, and taking advantage of the last few months my hubby and I have of being "just us" (while there may be three instead of two now, at this point Baby is happy to do whatever mama wants to do. I know that's going to change in the near future! *smile*).

We are greatly anticipating meeting our little one for the first time in just a few short weeks.


  1. This is so precious! Baby will be here before you know it!

  2. "If the due date is correct (and I don't expect it to be *smiles*) I'll be holding my little one in 133 days."

    As the grandfather, I can say the same thing. :) I'm excited.

  3. So excited for you both and praying for a healthy baby and mama.I love reading your blog and the insight you have. You are a testimony of what God can do in the life of an individual that loves and serves him faithfully. Blessings, Vickie