Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanking God for... Romance

GreaThings 2011

It's the second day in the GreaThings challenge, and today we are exploring one or two special blessings that begin with the letter R.

My first blessing is Romance.

My husband has always been incredibly romantic. I've told him he's the sort of guy we girls are told doesn't exist. He'll pick up a rose for me on his way back from work for no reason--just because. He writes me love letters, sometimes posted online sometimes tucked into my Bible or other places. He'll take me on wild adventures (including occasionally throwing me over his shoulder!) just to keep me guessing--but I always know if he's got something secret planned it will be absolutely amazing.

While he enjoys time with "the guys," he enjoys time with me best. I'm his best friend, and closest confidant. This would cause some men to treat their wives casually, but not my husband. He treasures me in his words and his actions.  He praises me in public and private, whether he knows I'm listening or thinks I'm not.

He makes me such a high priority that last night he took me out to dinner and a movie, even though he has been sick lately and was very tired. He consistently puts himself to the side and makes me his highest priority after God.

I know that most men aren't particularly romantic, and this just makes me value that quality in my husband even more. The fact that God gave me such a man is a daily blessing.

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