Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessings with "T"

GreaThings 2011

Our next project in GreaThings is exploring blessings starting with the letter T. That one is super easy for me--its The Church!

When I married my husband I wasn't just marrying him, I was also marrying his ministry. I became his help-meet, and his dreams and goals became my dreams and goals. After his relationship with God and his family, my husband's greatest passion is his ministry. While that entails many things at the moment, the most concrete form of ministry is to our church.

We attend a fairly small church, where my husband is on staff along with his father (the associate pastor) and grandfather (the pastor). While my husband's official title is the Music Director, in a small church culture there is a lot of overlap in the various positions. Being on staff with family has been an amazing experience, and one that I'm going to remember the rest of my life.

Church staff and wives
In addition, serving this particular church has been such an honor!! I have never attended a church that is so loving and encouraging. Most of our members have a true, deep, abiding love for Jesus Christ, and that personal relationship with Him manifests itself in the way they treat others. Watching God work in this church is truly phenomenal, though I don't have room here to write it all!!

Pastor (or Grampa)
One of the more recent blessings was Pastor's Appreciation Sunday, where our church honored the pastors. The whole Sunday was planned as a surprise for us (we knew something was up because the church requested the Sunday to be kept blank--no sermons. But we weren't told what would be happening). The surprise was, among other things, that three men and three women were chosen to speak directly to/about each of the pastors and their wives, while we were all on "hot seats" up front.

They had us going from laughter to tears with the stories they told. My favorite part, though, was hearing how much the congregation loved their pastors and pastor's wives. It really was fantastic, and I'm sure most pastors don't get nearly this kind of love from their congregation.

One family even wrote a poem for us, telling about how they had found the church and the various character qualities they saw in each of the different pastors and their wives. I considered posting it, but it is SUCH a sweet poem it seems like posting it would be singing my own praise!! *smiles*

The day was an incredible blessing to us, but even without days like that my husband and I are perfectly confident that we are where God wants us to be. It is a joy to serve this church, an honor to serve with family, and a blessing to be received with joy.

Reading the poem

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