Saturday, November 19, 2011

The blessings of.... In-Laws!

GreaThings 2011

Today in GreaThings we are exploring blessings that start with the letter A. The main blessing that came to mind for this letter is my Amazing In-Laws. I really do have a fantastic extended family, and that isn't overstating the truth one bit. In fact, as I've never introduced my family on the blog before, I'm going to let you "meet" each one of them along a few words about their general amazing-ness.

Papa and Mama Rohlin
 Mama and Papa have been the best mother and father in laws a girl could ask for. Even before I was aware that their son would be my husband someday, they'd already "adopted" me into the family. Mama taught me piano for a number of years--and for a long time the biggest reason I enjoyed my lesson was because I had her all to myself for an hour! :-) Papa often had me back in his office, discussing the future and the past, and listening to whatever was going on in my life. While marriage has changed things (no more piano lessons!) they are still the best mother and father in law ever! (and I happen to love it when they laugh! :-)

Melody with her husband Donald
and little  girl, Danielle.
Melody is Richard's only older sibling, and the only other one that is married off at this point. She and I don't get to spend much time together (due to living quite a distance apart!) but we do have quite a lot of similar interests as her newest little one (a boy!) is due just two months before mine.

Faith, Grace, and Hope
Faith is an aspiring  young photographer (who took some anniversary pics I'm looking forward to sharing soon!). She has really been focusing on the Lord this past year, and I know is going to do some amazing things!!

Grace is one of the most passionate people I know--and about all the right things! She's also one of only two pen-pals that regularly sends me letters the "old fashioned" way.

Hope sees more than most people, and talks less about it--making her unusually wise for her age. She's also been a lifesaver the past couple months, as she's my helper in our new Keepers class. Between the two of us we keep that class busy!

Harmony and me

Harmony has been growing up way too fast lately *smile.* She's one of my older Keepers girls, and quite ready to help! I've loved having some extra time to spend with her.

Arthur (and assorted nuns)

Arthur may have cried at the altar during our wedding when his oldest (and only) brother abandoned him to a houseful of girls, but he's seemed to hold his own quite well since then. He is loving and affectionate--but as ready as ever for a good duct-tape sword fight!

Christiana is one of the all-time cutest little girls, and THE MOST experienced flower girl I've ever met! (to the tune of 4-5 weddings worth of experience). She's one of the most imaginative and enthusiastic little girls I know.

The whole clan together

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