Monday, November 21, 2011

Answered Prayers of 2011

GreaThings 2011

Today in GreatThings we're looking at some answered prayers and miracles from this past year.

While there have been a number of answered prayers this year, the ones that stand out most to me are the ones related to transportation. Even though we've only been married a little over a year, my hubby and I have had a rough run with our vehicles.

Within the first couple months of marriage we totaled my car, due to a failed attempt to drive in poor weather conditions. Lesson learned. There were some pretty major miracles related to that incident--God provided exactly enough money from the insurance coverage to purchase our next car, which was actually a nicer car (in terms of comfort and mileage) than the one we lost. It was amazing!! And it was necessary, because at that time working the three jobs we had would have been impossible with one vehicle.

After three months, though, we were in exactly the same spot when our miracle car died on the side of the road.  Apparently low mileage and great care don't always balance out age. Oh, well.

With the help of borrowed vehicles from both sides of the family, I was able to finish out the last three weeks of my second job. After that we were on our own, but discovered in short order that having just one vehicle wasn't nearly as impossible as we'd thought. In fact, I kept a running list of the different things I was thankful for in only having one vehicle. Even though we'd prayed for a second vehicle, I was glad God's answer had been "no."

Then, about two months ago, our ONLY vehicle bit the dust. It was horrible timing. Financially speaking, things were tighter than they'd ever been since we'd been married. Moving expenses had been unusually tough. We'd just found out I was pregnant, and on top of that we knew that my job--with the extra savings--would be coming to an end soon (though we didn't realize at the time that "soon" was only 10 days out).

Not only could we not swing a car repair right then, we weren't sure repairing the car would be the right move anyway. My hubby's car had a major engine repair (OTHER than the current problem) that would cost more than the value of the car. With lots of TLC we'd been able to hobble it along, but according to a previous mechanic the car only had a couple months left of life in it's engine--and those couple months had run out about a year ago. We felt like we'd literally been getting around on a "wing and a prayer" the past 6 months.

We knew God was up to something--things just don't get that desperate without God making some miraculous move. We just couldn't figure out WHAT His move going to be!

But God knew what he was doing, and was already at work. My hubby had been given a variety of leads to get a second opinion on our car. The first one he called happened to be a Christian man a city or two over who was doing car repairs as a ministry. After hearing the problem, the price he quoted was HALF of what we were quoted at other places! We knew this was God, and the car was in the shop a couple days later.

But God wasn't finished yet. After working on the engine the mechanic told us that, with good care, he thought we could get another 100,000 miles out of it. Somehow, miraculously, God had "healed" that major repair our car had needed--the same repair that had caused our previous mechanic to give our car 2 months at most. I just about jumped out of my skin when I heard that--I felt like I'd won the lottery. Only it was better, because this was a gift from God, tailored exactly to meet our needs.

Praise the Lord!

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