Friday, September 2, 2011

What is rest?

Rest. It's something we all need, but many of us struggle to get. Rest. There are days when life is coming from all directions, and there are a thousand and one things to think about. The to-do-lists to work down, the chores to be done, the only vehicle to juggle, and (for us at least) the boxes to pack. There are jobs, and responsibilities, and important things--and urgent things (that might not be quite so important as they seem to be). With all of the noisy list of responsibilities, it's hard to step back and rest.

I've spent the month of August learning about rest, among a few other things. I've discovered that there is a lot more to rest than I first thought. I used to think that rest was that thing you got at night when your eyes were closed and your breathing was regular. Or, perhaps, it was those few minutes of blessed nap-time snatched sometime during the day. While that is part of rest, it's much too confined a definition. If that is all that rest is, no wonder we don't have enough time for it!!

Rest is choosing to settle your mind away from the hectic business of life and onto something greater, something (or should I say someONE) all-consumingly important. Rest is choosing to see God in the middle of a normal day's chaos. It's seeing the joy in the small things. It's choosing to trust Him with the latest list of worries or things to do. Rest chooses to turn over in the mind God's greatness, his love, his goodness, his gentleness, his wisdom, until all the worries and things to do fade into the background. I've learned that Rest, primarily, is meditation on God, and it usually happens right there in the middle of the mess.


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  1. I agree. . I must settle my mind before I can settle my body. Settle my mind on Him. Beautiful words. Dropping by from Gypsy Mama. Have a restful weekend in Him.

  2. AMEN! True rest, for me, is more a matter of the soul than the body. Great post!

  3. Oooh, rest! I need that...I have the hardest time doing it though. Thanks for the reminder!