Friday, August 19, 2011

New: Five Minute Friday

Joining The Gypsy Mama again for Five Minute Friday. As a recap of the rules:

    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
    2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
    3. Get a little crazy with encouragement for the five minuter who linked up before you.


New—for me it's what life is right now. New.

There is the new home in less than a month. A new place to live—I've lived in one town for over 20 years of my life. And now I'm moving to a new town. It's close to the old one, true. If I get lost, at least I can (in theory) find my way to the old roads to find the new place again. But it's different. It's new.

There is the new stage of life, marriage. In less than a month we'll celebrate our first anniversary. We'll eat that cake that's been waiting in our freezr since the wedding 11 months ago (will it still be good? How will it taste? What flavor of cake did we have, anyway? And have we really been married such a short time that it's possible that a cake kept in the freezer could still be edible?). Marriage doesn't seem new anymore—after the first 6 weeks we felt like we'd been married all our lives. But for as long as it feels, it hasn't yet been a full turn around the sun.

New can be a scary thing—you never quite know if "new" is going to be new-good or new-not-so-good. New means change, and change is just like that. It's an adventure, but all the best adventures have moments when everything seems to go awry. Thank goodness that with God, noting new is a surprise! If he holds our future, a God of love, of compassion, of tender-loving-kindness, we don't need to be afraid of changes. And, in a way, I suppose that makes all new, "good new."


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  1. Yes, I love that while it's new to us…I don't think it's really "new" to Him.