Saturday, August 6, 2011

My awesome husband, and the weather

I didn't have the 5 minutes to participate in Five Minute Friday this week, but my hubby did for the first time. Not only was what he wrote awesome, but it was about his wife. And that makes it even cooler. So hop on over to read what he wrote (it isn't long) and leave a comment to encourage him to  participate again!!

Whole @ The Gentleman Adventurer

Also, for any non-Texan readers I have, it's been crazy hot here. As in crazy hot. July was the hottest month on record, going back to 1895. The heat isn't showing any signs of letting up, either. Here's a snapshot my hubby took this week of the temperature gauge on the car.

Yeah. Did I say crazy? So we're stocked up on emergency rations of ice cream and staying indoors as much as possible.

Have a good weekend y'all, and stay cool!!! :-)

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