Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Checkpoint

   It has been some months since I’ve posted an update on my reading for the year, so it’s time for some catch-up!!

  Since my last monthly checkup post I’ve read and reported on:
The One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven
Calm My Anxious Heart

I’ve also read:
A Love that Multiplies--Michelle Duggar
Discipline: The Glad Surrender-- Elisabeth Elliot

This month I’ve felt a need to dial back on distractions and focus very closely on God. As a result, my books for the month have been selected along that line. I didn’t even look at my master list until just now!! Oh, well. I suppose the point is more to be reading good books than staying to a specific list!

For this month I have a list of books I’m reading, but I will read as the Lord directs (in other words, this isn’t a race and I don't expect to read ALL of them). I will have more time to read, though, as I am cutting down on other distractions. So we’ll see what happens. My “August Library" consists of:

A Celebration of Discipline--Richard J Foster (already several chapters into this one)
Out of the Mouth of the Lion--Emma Leslie (About to finish, started last month)
Morning by Morning--Spurgon (This has a full year of short devotional readings)
The Power of a Praying Wife--Stormy O’Martin

(I'll start one of these two after--and IF!--I finish Celebration of Discipline)
Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ--John Piper
Developing Your Secret Closet of Prayer--Richard Burr

The bulk of my reading, of course, will be out of my Bible. I started this month on day 110 of my Bible Reading plan. This month I want to more intensely focus on my goal of getting a wide view of scripture by reading large portions, so I will probably do more than one day’s worth of reading each day. The last few days I’ve been reading the first set of chapters in my morning quiet time, and then listening to a second set throughout the day. That is working very well. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

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  1. Oh, I missed this post somehow! It sounds like you are doing a little better than I am with reading these past few months. I can't believe it is almost September and time for another checkpoint this week!