Saturday, July 9, 2011

This month

This month has been a challenge to keep up with blogging. There have been days that I wasn't able to write, and days that I could have but really needed the quietness.

While I've weathered the storm since finding out about loosing our baby a month ago, it was a tough one to weather.  I trusted God through it all, utterly confident that His will was best, but somehow I naively assumed that "giving it to God" meant I wouldn't have such a hard battle with grief. I quickly found out otherwise. It's been tough, but by God's grace the worst is now passed and I can still say with joy and confidence that God is good. ALWAYS good.

 Though I've been quiet this past week, I've been handling some "behind the scenes" work that will keep the posts coming more regularly in the future.

I've also been thinking about some different things I can do with this blog, and have some neat ideas for the upcoming months. I'm looking forward to this next month, and am excited about some of the new content that is already in the works!!

Stay tuned!!!

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